Let us walk you through what it’s like to be an apprentice at BCBA. Not only will we walk you through everything our school has to offer, but we take the time to answer any questions you might have and make sure BCBA is the right place for you.


Did You Know...

  • The state exam pass rate for Blade Craft students has been 130% higher than the state average since May 2015
  • 95% of graduates since May 2015 have found job placement in the field  
  • 40% of our graduates have started their own business after finishing their barber education
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Why Blade Craft?

See Why Students Love BCBA


of students pass their state exams


of people who understand what you're doing and treat you like family


of graduates find job placement in their field


of graduates come back for continuing education


available for students to fit their needs


of graduates own their own business


is the goal for us for every student


is the average time from enrollment to graduation


class scheduling with options to fit your needs

What Former Students Are Saying

"I was fortunate to be pointed in the right direction of Blade Craft by an instructor at a former barber Academy. I expressed my want to achieve a great start in the industry and this is the best start you could receive in this industry. From the business fundamentals, to the hands on demonstrations and off-site opportunities. I have secured a dream entry position for when I graduate and I can’t be more excited to continue my journey in the barbering industry."


"I had the pleasure of attending Bladecraft- it was by far the best investment I could have done for myself. I got the chance to learn from great instructors that pushed me to not only be a complete barber, but a better person. The location, and community, that Blade Craft offers helped me network during my time there and I can see the positive effects it's done for me professionally in my career so far. I got exactly what I was looking for while attending Blade Craft!"


"I can't say enough of this establishment it's the best thing I have done in my life! Long of the short it's the Harvard of Barbering schools and I HIGHLY recommend anyone that is ready for a career change THIS IS the place to get Educated... forever a Blade Craft Graduate"


"I had the pleasure of attending Blade Craft Barber Academy in 2016. When I found out about BC I knew it would change my career as a men's focus hairstylist. The decor of the school is gorgeous, but I really enjoyed the small classes (as I don't do well in large groups). The attention I got to perfect my craft was amazing as I didn't get it in hair school. I wouldn't have gotten a job at a few shops if I didn't attend Blade Craft! I still try and visit down in Deep Ellum!"