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We want a quality barber education to be available to anyone who is passionate about starting this next step in their career. 

Our Opportunity Solutions program is a tuition assistance program perfect for recent high school graduates or single parents. 
Students who qualify can get up to 16-25% off their tuition with the help of the Opportunity Solutions Program, so reach out today in order to see how much you can qualify for! 
Interested in enrolling and learning more about this tuition assistance program? Fill out the form on this page to start the process and we will reach out to you immediately to begin the application process. 
Students who have enrolled in this program have been able to graduate from BCBA debt-free, which is the goal for all Blade Craft graduates.
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In order to be considered for the Opportunity Solutions Program, we require a $25 application fee which will be credited to your class registration fee shall you complete enrollment.

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"When you come from literally nothing, you never really think a place like Blade Craft is attainable because money is hard.

Financial literacy doesn’t come easy and having to teach myself how to save little by little, Blade Craft felt like it was YEARS AND YEARS away. I had been trying to save for BC since the end of 2019, early into 2020, somewhere around there & it just felt like every time I got another good amount saved, life took it right back. I didn’t feel like my dream and goal was ever within reach UNTIL I saw the OSP program pop up on my daily Blade Craft website prowl.

I knew I had to try, even if they gave me $50 bucks off i was determined to go & now here I am, on my way to grab my dream!"