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    Students at BCBA become well-rounded barbers that create lasting relationships with clients through quality and excellence. Upon completion of the Barber Apprenticeship program, you will:
    • Pass the State Board examinations, both written and practical.
    • Understand how to maximize your license and establish yourself as a professional within 1,000 hours of the program
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    A year from now, you'll wish
    you started today.

    July 20, 2024 FILLING UP FAST
    (Weekend Courses Available)

    September 16, 2024 NEWLY ADDED
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  • Blade


    This program guides currently Licensed Cosmetologists the ability to increase the quality of services you can provide with a Class A Barbers' License. Our 300-hour program guides you through the proper technique for:
    • facials
    • straight razor shaves
    • neck shaves and more
    With a Class A Barbers' License, you can expect to increase profits and accessibility to a more diverse clientele allowing you to build your client base and your business.
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    Upcoming Class Dates

    A year from now, you'll wish
    you started today.

    July 20, 2024 FILLING UP FAST
    (Weekend Courses Available)

    September 16, 2024 NEWLY ADDED
    (Weekday & Weekend Courses Available)

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What to Expect as a Blade Craft Apprentice

what graduates are saying

"I’m having a lot of freedom to do what I want, but also doing what I want has its consequences too. So, if I'm going to do what I want, then I want to do it for the good. The vibes are dope. We first came here and I was only 17. When I applied to Blade Craft, and my mom, you know, me being the oldest, my mom was very concerned. And she had a lot of worries anxiety about her older son, and that's when Miss Lilly stepped in, and really got to talk to her and encouraged her to support me. And it's been it's been a great journey since then. It really helped me up my services and give something that's more than just a haircut. I'm really big on facials and shaves, and I just want to thank Blade Craft for helping me with that."

Current Licensed Barber

"I chose Blade Craft because I needed to have more hands-on. I needed to have more education to learn because English is my third language. I did a lot of research. I saw that you guys pay attention on the little details, like practicals, and also the paperwork. This is what I found really difficult part of that. And now I have my license. I have everything and I'm really good right now. And I'm really glad that I choose this place."

Current Licensed Barber

"I just like the ease of creating my own schedule, meeting people, and traveling. I can do everything. I put my clippers in my bag and I can meet clients. It’s really talking to people, and I just happen to be giving them a great haircut. I looked around the Metroplex for schools and this school offers the most complete program. As far as clientele, being very diverse with the people who come in the hair types and the skills and stuff that I learned for sure. By giving back, having very honest and genuine conversations with people is why I'm behind the chair. I'm more than a barber you know, they call us therapist and friends and stuff like that. So I feel like my ability to speak to people and have a great conversation is what I bring to the community. I'm feel well prepared to go on to the industry and be successful. "

Current Licensed Barber

Why Blade Craft?

Hundreds of Happy Students Love BCBA Because:


of students since May 2015 have passed their state exams


of people who understand what you're doing and treat you like family


of graduates have found job placement in their field since May 2015


of graduates come back for continuing education


available for students to fit their needs


of graduates own their own business


is the goal for us for every student


is the average time from enrollment to graduation


class scheduling with options to fit your needs

The Apprentice Gear

We believe you dress for the job you want, not the job you have. At Blade Craft tuition covers more than just your course curriculum. Every student gets a Barber’s kit filled with the highest quality tools that will last long after graduation day.

Barber Smock

Staying true to in supporting the trades and craftsmanship, each student will get a white Barber’s smock.

Handcrafted Leather Bag

Made to take a beating, this American-made artisan leather case from Satchel and Page will hold all of your gear for years to come.


We love the Feather weighted straight razor, and include it in all of our Barber’s kits. It has a good feel in the hand, sharp blades and one of the easiest razor disposal methods around.


We believe practicing with the best tools makes you the best you can be. We include Etaro student shears and Andis GTX Outliners clippers in every apprentice kit because we believe these are the best tools to learn with on a daily basis.


We use the Milady Standard Barbering textbook. It’s the leading resource in barbering education, providing students with the foundational principles and techniques needed to be a successful barber. And Blade Craft just happens to be featured in it.


Last but not least, the toolkit comes with 2 Blade Craft T-shirts from Lewellyn’s Print Shop located right here in Deep Ellum.


"Some of the differences that Blade Craft brings to the industry is we take real life experiences and bring them into your learning environment. We also make sure that we do our best to keep the culture of barbering alive. And I will definitely say the last thing, we want to make your experience is not only fun, but we want to make sure you get everything that you're going to need to be a successful barber. We have a very diverse environment. We are in a great location. Every day is a new day and I love being here. So overall, my experience is amazing!

My favorite thing to teach here is going to be business fundamentals. I get to bring the real world experiences into the classroom and help prep people that are going to be new to this industry along with PSI because I like to prep for state and make sure that everybody has what they need to pass their state exam but also while making it fun in the process."

Current BCBA Educator

"The program for crossovers is only three months, right? So I didn't know what I was going to get out of it but just the razor portion. But I perfected my technique with the clippers, I gained a whole lot more relationships, getting friends out of it to the point that I am now an Educator.

I decided to make the transition, because now with a dual license where I was before, my license really wouldn't do anything for the establishment that I was working at. So the decision came to open up my own business and that happened in September. And then I actually got offered the opportunity to come and educate here at Blade Craft.

It has been phenomenal. Ever since my schedule was very, very busy but with coordination with scheduling and my clients and my staff, friends here, we make it work.

My favorite thing to teach is Chapter 16, which is women's haircutting. Being a crossover, I have my cosmetology license, and I've had that for 13 years now. So it's very natural for me to love the women's side of barbering, but clipper cutting, for sure, a lot of students are always asking me “How do I cut faster?” or “What does it mean to do this?” but for me, coming from behind the chair to educator, I'm being challenged on how to take what my mind and my hands are doing and putting it into words. So really be able to break it down per person to where they understand the techniques and why it's executed the way that it is for them to feel confident in their skills based off of how I'm verbalizing it for them or making it to fit because everyone learns different."

Graduate & Current BCBA Educator

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