What is a Barber?

What is a Barber school in the state of Texas? I am so happy you asked. Below you will find a description of Blade Craft Barber Academy and why we are THE BEST Barber school for you. 

Let us start by reviewing the definition of a Barber.  

A Barber is an overarching term for a person who is licensed to perform/offer haircuts, beard shaping, skin treatments, an array of hair coloring, manicures, and most importantly, licensed to use a straight razor for shaving.

How do you become a barber? 

Every state is unique and has distinct requirements. In the state of Texas, to become a licensed barber, you must complete 1000 physical hours at a barber school licensed by the state of Texas. The school will have a specific curriculum to review from the MILADY textbook of barbering which will include an array of hairstyling haircuts, skin treatments, and hairdressing techniques. Each student will also learn how to pass the state’s written exam by reviewing topics ranging from microbiology, skin conditions, sanitation, and disinfection procedures.

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The practical exam is timed, and you will be responsible for demonstrating the following to a proctor:

  • haircut
  • facial
  • straight razor shave
  • manicure
  • sanitation
  • among other hot tools, styling techniques, and chemical processes

The practical exam sites of the tests vary so ensure that the school you are enrolling in understands all the options provided to you. 

Once you have completed your 1000 hours of barbering education, you then qualify to sign-up and take your written and practical exams. Upon passing these exams, you are responsible for paying a fee to the state for the actual license. 

In the state of Texas awesome this reading.

A barber’s license is valid for two years (check on the TDLR website for timely length) at which point you then are required to renew it if you want to keep your license active.

What makes Blade Craft Barber Academy stand out from other Beauty and Barber schools?

Blade Craft Barber Academy is extremely involved in the community of Deep Ellum and we demonstrate the importance you can have as a barber. Whether it is helping a neighbor sweep their sidewalk, hosting neighborhood events, or handing out water to runners during the annual Turkey TROT run (Thanksgiving morning). We believe that every barber creates a positive impact in their world and in their respective communities.

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Throughout the program, not only are you going to be in a beautiful, well-designed environment that is realistic to the real-world barbershop setting, but you will also be learning the nuances of the intangibles. It is what makes a barber successful in this career. 

Blade Craft uses the MILADY textbook as a principal guide to ensure the students are receiving the best education. We create schedules for each class to review the chapters of the MILADY textbook, encourage open discussions about the content, and build activities for students to take the information and apply it to the real world. State board exams can only test competency and the prevention of spreading diseases.

At Blade Craft Barber Academy, we strive to prepare our graduates in an array of business fundamentals ranging from how to build trust over finances, basics, and accounting. It is creating true relationships that make being a barber, a career of connection.

 At Blade Craft Barber Academy, we also believe that our graduates are going to meet with different obstacles or experiences after the program. We encourage and welcome each student to reach back out if they need a resource or a connection. Our curriculum is not only comprehensive to exceed the state board exams, but they are meant to exceed the real world.

Success Plans

Even the products we use to create the best experience for every barbering service are top of the line. We are proud to make our lather the old-school traditional way to ensure the most relaxing and thorough, traditional straight razor shave techniques. All our students graduate, feeling confident with their straight razor and haircutting techniques. In addition, each student is confident stepping into any barber shop or opening their own barbershop. 


If you are having any questions about the career of barbering, do understand it can also be an avenue for entrepreneurship or working with small businesses. What that means is you could be working with somebody, or you could be creating a business that is very involved in the community you are in. This allows for great networking and connection!

At Blade Craft Barber Academy, we look forward to meeting you and we hope that during your tour you decide that we are the best choice for your journey to become a barber!

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