Trades in the times of The Great Resignation

A quick Google search of the term brings you definitions, action items for those hiring, and the top reasons why people are quitting their pre-pandemic careers. Health care workers and school teachers are among the top fields that were really pushed to their limits by being overworked & underappreciated. Trades offer countless opportunities for finding meaningful work, great pay, and personalization.

Loving what you do is truly an overlooked factor in the quality of life. When a client visits a barber regularly the impact goes beyond the service at hand in that we prepare them for life events, provide a listening ear, and can offer suggestions for experiences outside of the barbershop.  The excuse for the visit is the haircut, but they return time again for the connection through conversation. The team that you work with will also attract like-minded individuals so it really can feel like you see friends all day!

Barbering has survived countless recessions, and world wars, and there are forms of it worldwide. Despite fluctuations in an economy, a personal brand is extremely important to how people feel about themselves. One may not be able to take a family vacation, but personal services provide respite. If someone is looking to change careers, they want to look their best to have the confidence to interview well, and have great profile headshot images.  Barber clientele is primarily male and they show their appreciation through cash since they aren’t as likely to bake you cookies! The regularity of their services with shaves, beard shapings, and haircuts means that they come in about 4 weeks. They will even hold standing appointments that lead to stability for financial planning.

Barbering is a creative field and establishments to practice in are as unique as you are. Music, layout, and service offerings can all be adjusted to create a feeling or environment. After you have experienced an array of locations you are always able to create something different if you see it isn’t already there.

When considering a career that offers great pay, meaningful work, and personalization barbering are incredible. Blade Craft Barber Academy specializes in equipping graduates with not only the technical skills & how to pass State Board exams, but close to 40% of our graduates have opened their own businesses, and are creating jobs. The Intangibles of barbering pave the road to a meaningful career of connection.

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