Our aim is to preserve the heritage & craft of Barbering & Cosmetology in the great state of Texas.

Why reinstating the Instructor License is important in protecting our trades: It is obvious that the individuals assessing the different licenses did not take the time to assess what the instructor license entails. An instructor license prepares an industry licensed professional on the intricacies of pedagogy, laws, license requirements, examination understanding, and learning styles. 

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Most of the individuals that are attracted to a trade as a career choice, may not be interested in college or traditional education for various reasons:
  • Neurodiversity
  • Personal strengths
  • Freedom to maximize financial benefits via military or other
  • Entrepreneurship

The instructor program exposes students to very important techniques to manage, inspire, and effectively teach an array of learning styles that they would not access elsewhere in their trade careers. 


Divers, paramedics, pilots, and CDL all require an Instructors license to effectively impart the skills needed to safely execute said jobs. Pre-K through college all require a unique instructor certification.
The revenue that TDLR accepts from Cosmetologists and Barber licenses each year prove that our Industry is an honorable and real profession akin to those mentioned above.

In the Barber and Cosmetology industry specifically during pandemic, the practical exam to become licensed has undergone multiple changes. If you were to ask any random licensed professional what the requirements are in order to pass the exam, they would not be able to tell you.

They especially would not have had access to formal managerial, leadership, content creation, or lesson planning education. 

Unfortunately, one of the issues in our Industry is school’s selling the hours required to obtain the licensure without requiring students to attend. This behavior would be even more rampant if individual licensed educators were not present. A licensed Instructor takes both written and practical exams to understand the expectations of the school as well as the students.

Simply stated, the Instructor’s license is imperative to ensuring the safety and quality of education. They are the filter for not the institution, but the public that what is being taught indeed aligns with TDLR expectations. 

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1. Take our Survey for Licensed Barbers and Cosmetologists to voice their opinion about Licensing Instructors.

2. Contact your state representative and inform them that you are a part of the Texas barber in cosmetology Coalition and would like to have the instructor license. Reinstated pass a bill to make that happen.

2. Communicate this link to all licensed individuals. Power to the People!

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