The Blox: Lilly Benitez

Lilly Benitez completed a competition docu-series, The Blox, for startups as a Judge. It airs on Wednesday, October 5. It is Directed & Produced by Reality Show star Weston Bergmann.

Lilly is the good news of Deep Ellum in that her barber academy creates jobs, as well as increases business to the Dallas area, and because of her success was asked to be a judge on a reality show about entrepreneurship! 

“Lilly’s advice. Mentoring anyone is hard. But mentoring this many people, doing this many things – is quasi-impossible.  Lilly did it. Lilly did it her way, while still remaining in the confines of our system. She managed to drop at least one nugget to each person she met, and they’re all appreciative.” Weston Bergmann -actor, and serial entrepreneur. Watch Season 4 Here!

The Blox: Season 4 (Official Trailer) from The Blox on Vimeo.