SMP After Care


In essence, SMP is an open wound in the skin, and taking care of the healing process helps to ensure the best most long lasting results. Avoid getting it wet for the first 36 hours, but also keep it clean. No chlorinated pools, saunas, steam rooms, or tanning beds for 28 days after your final treatment.

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DAYS 1 – 3

Take it easy. In the first three days after treatment, if needed wear a loose breathable hat for sun protection.
There should be:

  • No heavy sweating
  • No running, cardio, weight lifting or other gym activities
  • No swimming, sauna or steam rooms
  • No hot water on the head
  • No shampoo or washing of the scalp
  • No wet shave (until 10 days post session)
  • No scratch/rub scalp (tiny scabbing can occur during the healing process)
  • Spray with Lavender Sanitizing spray 2-3 times a day

If you decided to shave or cut hair at this date, please use an electric foil shaver or clippers and be careful not to run it over the top of any scabs that have not flaked off. Do not razor shave, the reason is so that the razor blade doesn’t remove still healing scabs and pull up and out any amount of pigment with them. You may also allow

  • Using the Lavender shampoo in your take home kit, shampoo the scalp gently without scrubbing or scratching. Rinse scalp thoroughly, and very gently dry the scalp afterwards.
  • Light sweating is now okay.
DAY 10

You may now

  • Razor shave if needed
  • Wash scalp with shampoo
  • Heavy sweating is now okay
DAY 20

It’s ok to go swimming with sunscreen on your head. Please use a sunscreen with SPF 30 to 50 or greater. Sauna and steam rooms are now ok as well.

Blade Craft Barber Academy will be thrilled to do a consultation with you to discuss the process, cost, and expectations.

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