Barbershop Operations Best Practices

Some of the most successful barber shop entrepreneurs have mastered and created consistent barbershop operations. A successful business owner understands that you have to take time away from working IN the shop to working ON the shop. Accountability and consistency are going to lead to better customer service, happier team members, a consistent brand in the community, and a more successful barbershop. Let’s discuss some barbershop operation do’s and don’ts.

Clear Communication & Expectations

As a barbershop manager or owner, clear expectations and communication are going to lead to seamless operations. Maximizing systems creates efficiency, as well as avoids recurring pitfalls. Let’s start with the pros of what to do consistently. 
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A business plan is like a compass to a business. Checking in with it regularly allows a general umbrella that then helps down break down into more detailed departments of business ownership. Different umbrellas would include inventory, and client acquisition, which would be marketing, as well as daily operations as a bigger umbrella and which personnel would fall under. Once each of the major categories are clarified, the details underneath each category should then be expressed. After the major categories are clarified, having a point person for each of the categories is really going to be helpful.
Once these things are assessed between the owner and the manager or if the owner is the manager, then clarifying it to the team and having weekly, bi-weekly or monthly touchpoints to ensure that the things are being taken care of.
Having a plan for each employee’s role is going to lead to success and joy for the day. Communicate the plan to the rest as well.
  • Monthly staff meetings really help for this but as well as recurring, repeating the same messaging so that you can then really focus on the intricacies of client care.
  • Schedule daily opening and closing duties to ensure that the sanitation of the barber shop is impeccable.
  • Organization needs to also be done daily in order to ensure seamless efforts throughout.
Do stay in compliance with State Legislative changes as well as licensing agencies by creating alerts to diagnose potential issues prior to time running out for compliance.
While these are a few examples of what to do, here are some immediate don’t’s to address.
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Don’t ever assume that everyone understands or knows what their role or expectations are. Ensuring communication by having the staff sign that they understand what each position entails. Ex. something like the names of the services and what each of the services entails, and having regular training to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
Don’t stop making training fun. They could be executed as drills. Employee Development is going to always help in the long run. It’s going to ensure that the services are accurate as well as that everyone is consistently providing great service not just when they’re having a good day
Don’t forget to create alerts to touch base on the original plan. Ensure that everyone is also communicating big time-consuming items two weeks in advance just as you would.
Don’t ignore barbershop maintenance issues. Use a rainy day fund to maintain equipment and appliances in good working order.
Don’t skimp on legal advice and a legitimate accountant. It is important for the health of the business to have professionals to count on for guidance on employee, financial, and business-related issues.
Do not lose sight of your purpose and “why”.
Entrepreneurship brings daily opportunities, and challenges. By continuing to develop yourself, you give your business the opportunities to grow as well.
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